Sport Climbers & Stalker Shield
Sport Climbers

Sport Climbers are sturdy, yet weigh less than 3lbs.!

They attach to your hunting or pack boots (with two straps) in seconds. The ankle strap runs through a special two-ply foam pad that is soft on the inside (to cushion your ankle) and sturdy on the outside (to resist abrasion).


Climb trees like a lumberjack!

You've seen professional lumberjacks climb trees with amazing ease and agility using tree climbing spikes. Now you can too with Sport Climbers, the tree climbing spikes designed for hunters.

Lightweight and comfortable—attach in seconds!

We've taken the tree climbing spikes used by lumberjacks and modified them, making them lighter, more comfortable and easier to use.




Sport Climbers are designed for the sportsman desiring a quick, easy way to ascend or descend trees without the use of a ladder, tree steps, or climbing tree stand. The patented hollow "V" spike and lightweight stainless construction provide deep biting for safe comfortable climbing. The "V" spike is designed to be used in live tree bark only.

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