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Stalker Shield

Stalker Shield, because it mirrors its surroundings, blends in ANYWHERE!

Stalker Shield is a flexible, metalised polyester reflective sheet that is held erect by a simple fiberglass rod framework. It's light, easy to setup and transport. Stalker Shield mirrors its surroundings making it a great blind or stalking shield that will change the way you hunt. Superior to other blinds because it mirrors the cover around you.


If you hunt from a blind chances are that the blind is camouflaged with one of the popular tree/leaf camo patterns. They work just fine as long as you're hunting in among large tree trunks, sticks and leaves. But if you want to hunt in a stand of small popple, a corn field, a cattail slough, swamp grass, a hayfield, a bush pile, etc., your camo blind won't blend in.

New Features:

We have listened intently to all your feedback, and incorporated all the changes you've asked for. Please share with us any ideas to improve Stalker Shield, and of course your hunting stories. We will post ideas and stories on this website.

1) The rod ends have been remolded to include an eye to facilitate easy tie down in the wind. Stalker Shield will work in winds up to 15 mph with the tie down pegs and shock cord.

2) Button tie wrap replaces the velcro strap to make the carrying tube work better as a support leg.

3) Shock cord and tent pegs are included to use as tie down the Stalker Shield in windy conditions.

4) BIGGER AND BETTER SIZE! Stalker Shield is now available in the NEW 40" x 67" size and the original 30" x 50" size. This new size works better as a stationary blind and for big guys.


The Stalker Shield Mirror Blind has now been in continuous use for more than 6 years, and all kinds of hunters have reported great success. There simply is no other blind that will replicate its surroundings wherever it is used. Stalker Shield reflects back the terrain that it is placed on and conceals your movements completely.

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